Meet The Team

Michaela Mast

With her warm presence and keen eye for beauty, Michaela brings a thoughtfulness and optimism to this project that is much needed. A feisty competitor and a driven employee, she’s also an expert at finding joy and listening with compassion.

Podcast Producer & Co-Host


Harrison Horst

Harrison is a quiet observer. Quick with his words and wit, he asks hard questions but knows when listening is more powerful than speaking. He’s intentional, skeptical, and critical of complacency–a concept he’s often wrestling with.

Podcast Producer & Co-Host


Sarah Longenecker

That loud laughter you hear cutting through our sound clips? That’s Sarah. She is boisterous and blunt, eager to investigate murky topics, and quick to laugh at her mistakes. An artist through and through, she appreciates bright colors and honest feedback.

Podcast Producer, Photographer, & Web Designer