Inspired by an organization featured on our podcast? Find their website and donation link below listed in alphabetical order.


Allegheny Cleanways' logo which is the shape of Allegheny County

Allegheny CleanWays

Allegheny CleanWays is an organization based in Pittsburgh, PA that works to clean up illegal dump sites across Allegheny County. Their cleanups restore health and dignity to both the landscapes and communities they work in. Check out their website here.
(Featured in Episode 8)

Black Mesa Water Coalition's logo which is a rain cloud flowing into a river

Black Mesa Water Coalition

Black Mesa Water Coalition (BMWC) is an environmentally focused organization in Flagstaff, AZ founded by and for Indigenous people. BMWC aims to end extractive practices and promote green energy in a way that fosters cultural depth, spiritual richness, and equality. Check out their website here.

Camp Friedenswald

Camp Friedenswald is a faith-based summer camp in Cassopolis, MI. They recently implemented a resilience and sustainability plan that includes everything from energy-saving lights, to skits about vegetarianism, to a new composting system. Check out their website here.
(Featured in Episode 5)

The Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions logo which is two Cs and an S that link together to look like a chain link

The Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions

Shifting Climates is sponsored by The Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions (CSCS). They aspire to make climate action the moral equivalent of peacebuilding in the church. If you’d like to see more projects like this one, check out their website.

The logo for Faith in Place which is a tree with new leaves

Faith in Place

Faith in Place is an interfaith organization in Illinois that empowers faith communities to build a more just and sustainable future. They help implement everything from rain barrels, to communities gardens, to solar panels, to policy changes in hundreds of communities across the state. To learn more about their organization, click here.
(Featured in Episode 7)

The logo for Five Loaves and Two Fishes which is a pattern of fish and bread

Five Loaves and Two Fishes

Five Loaves and Two Fishes is a food bank in Kimball, WV. They feed an estimated 1,200 people each month and have hosted a variety of community events including zumba classes, worship services, and a farmers market. Check out their facebook page.
(Featured in Episode 2)

Friends of Buckingham County's logo consisting of a photo of the blue ridge mountains and the word Friends

Friends of Buckingham

Friends of Buckingham County is a diverse community group dedicated to fighting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Friends of Buckingham works across political lines, empowering ordinary citizens and community members to resist the construction of the ACP. Tune in to their website for updates on their work.
(Featured in Season 2, Ep. 1)

Juntos' logo, which is an outline of the mountains in Albuquerque


Juntos is one chapter of the Conservation Voters of New Mexico Education Fund. Their work focuses specifically on organizing and empowering Latinx families around environmental issues. Find out more about their work by visiting their website.
(Featured in Season 2, Ep. 2)

MCC's logo which is a cross and a peace dove together

Mennonite Central Committee

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) has a wide variety of relief and development programs in the United States and abroad. They oversee programs such as SWAP (Sharing With Appalachian People) in McDowell County, WV and partner with organizations like ANADES in El Salvador. To learn more about MCC you can visit their website.
(Featured in Episodes 1, 3, and 7)

MDS's logo which is two hands shaking in front of a cross

Mennonite Disaster Services

Mennonite Disaster Services (MDS) is an organization that responds to both natural and human caused disasters in the U.S. and Canada. They provide clothing and basic hygiene products in times of crisis and aid in the rebuilding of homes and communities in the wake of devastating events. Check out their website to learn more about their work.
(Featured in Episode 3)

The Nashville Food Project's logo which is a green truck with their name on it

The Nashville Food Project

The Nashville Food Project is an organization that builds community through “growing, cooking, and sharing nutritious food”. It seeks to address issues of injustice by providing free and easy access to fresh, healthy food. The Nashville Food Project also has a thriving food rescue operation, salvaging food from grocery stores and local restaurants that would otherwise go to waste. Learn more about their work here.
(Featured in Episode 5)

New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light's logo which is a windmill that doubles as a beacon of light

New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light

New Mexico Interfaith Power and Light (NMIPL) is an interfaith organization that educates and mobilizes faith communities in New Mexico on issues of climate justice. If you’d like to learn more about their work, check out their website.
(Featured in Season 2, Ep. 2 and 4)

The Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions logo which is two Cs and an S that link together to look like a chain link

North Leupp Family Farm

North Leupp Family Farm is a farm collective in Navajo Nation. The farm is committed to using sustainable agricultural practices, and uses their work to address issues of food insecurity and diabetes in Navajo Nation. To connect with the farm visit their Facebook page.
(Featured in Season 2, Ep. 3)

A google map with pinpoints on it signifying farms that are asking for reparations

Reparations Map

This map shows properties owned by Black and Indigenous farmers in the U.S. seeking reparations. It was created by Soul Fire Farm and recommended to us by our interviewee Randy Woodley. Randy’s business, Eloheh Farm in Oregon, is listed on this map along with dozens of others seeking repayment for injustices.
(Featured in Episode 6)

The STAR school logo--a five pointed star and the acronym STAR which stands for Service To All Relations

STAR School

The STAR School is a charter elementary school in the Navajo Nation that promotes sustainability and nurtures indigenous traditions. The children here learn to garden in the school’s greenhouses and are introduced to some of the newest agricutlural methods including hydroponics and aquaponics through hands on experience. To learn more about the STAR school click here.
(Featured in Season 2, Ep. 3)

A colorful speech bubble, the logo for Yale Climate Change Communication

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC) is a leader in climate change research, psychology, and communication. They publish radio segments and news articles on climate change related topics daily. YPCCC is also responsible for the “Six Americas” study which maps out public opinion on climate change in the U.S. Check out the work YPCCC does here.
(Featured in Season 2, Ep. 5)